And the End of Days Is. . . .

Walk with me . . .and contemplate the End of Days.

I kept seeing these billboards promising me the End of the World on May 21. . .Not, as you might think, in the city of Los Angeles, where I live, and seems often to be thought of as a place full of sinful and godless people, but on state highways and rural roads in the South

This leads me to wonder of the Bible Belt is full of heathen? After all, the sponsors of these billboards claim that they put them up to give people one last chance to be saved before the Rapture. I don’t know how many it worked for, because the Rapture does not seem to have come,  unless of course no one of my family, my acquaintance, my Facebook friends, or my city was among those chosen. Which is possible.

Actually, the “preacher” responsible for this now claims that it was a spiritual judgment day; on May 21, God made the decision about who was, and who was not to be saved, and the world will actually cease to exist on October 21. This gives us all a five month pass, right? If we have been chosen, what we do now doesn’t matter. If we have not, what we do between now and October 21 doesn’t matter either.

The same man predicted the end of the world in 1994. Didn’t happen, but only due to a mathematical mistake that he made. So, 2011. Didn’t happen again. Awkward!  This got me to thinking that maybe he was confusing the end of the world with the cycle of the 17 year locusts, and that sparked a Facebook discussion of End Times prophecies, missed deadlines, and the life cycles of locusts.

So I thought we’d try to  move the discussion over here.  Jo Todd remembers the “Convergence of the planets” as one failed prediction. Nancy Cook thinks there was one when we were in high school, but is unclear on the details.  Anyone else remember other End of Days that didn’t happen?  Will it happen?  Should we prepare? If so, how? I can tell you I’m not giving everything away in expectation of date certain. That could create some awkward situations–like, “I’m going to be  Raptured but you’re not. . .”  Or was the predicting church the best place to hold assets? (just wondering?)

Anyway, share your thoughts . . .just remember, be respectful of God, of each other, and we already know Matthew 24:36.






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