Spiritual but not religious? Or Religious but not spiritual?

So often people tell me that they are “spiritual, but not religious”.  I think they mean that they have some concept or connection to something greater, but are turned off by or discouraged by organized religion (an oxymoron, anyway)or by religious organizations.  Understandable. People do all sorts of things that serve their agendas, while talking about serving God, the church, the faith, whatever.  No one with any sense would deny that. But besides those who for great or petty reasons use God for themselves, there are, I think, many of us who serve as clergy, or as lay officers, or who just attend services who are definitely religious–invested in the tradition, the dogma, the rituals, the forms of  religion without any true spirituality–any true connection to God, in whatever form God exists. That’s why they/we can walk out of a religious service, and do precisely the opposite of  those tenets and beliefs that were just averred.  Once outside the doors, repentance, reconciliation, forgiveness, and daily acts of kindness are broad based concepts that have a nice sound but little to do with daily activities.

Look at the photo of me that accompanies this blog.  I’m there, dressed with all the accoutrement of a religious organization. What does that say? Religious? Spiritual? Both? Neither?

How would you know unless you interact with me–personally, virtually, in some way, a true connection?

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