Eat? Certainly. Pray? Probably. Love? Most Definitely.

Unlike the author of the popular "Eat, Pray, Love" I am not voyaging around the world to "find" myself. I'm not lost. I am in fact in Perugia, Italy filled with good food, and a lot of love. My husband and I are taking our two oldest grandchildren on their first trip to Italy. We love the kids, they love us, and they can, if they want, eat pizza at every meal. (so far,they're trying).
And, I hope, as we see some of the important sites in the history of the church, we might get a little praying going on as well
But for now, our first stop was Pompeii, a city obliterated in just a few hours in a volcanic disaster.
As we walked around looking at the remains of a city literally stopped dead in its tracks, I noticed a feature that not all ruin sites have; they mark a line of reconstruction. That is, there is a definite physical line drawn at the point their the original walls stop, and the modern work that restores the whole begins. It struck me that it could be a metaphor for our lives; somewhere, sometime, each of us has an event that seems to stop our lives. We have to take some time, unearth the foundations that are left of ourselves, and then do some rebuilding, some reconstruction, to create a new entity, both old and new, but whole. Then it's good to remember that line of reconstruction, that separation between the before and the after, that makes us a new creature and yet the same. Restored.

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