The Doubting Thomas Bible Reading and Discussion Society

The Doubting Thomas Bible Reading and Discussion Society is a group dedicated to reading the Bible, a foundational document not only for religion, but also for many of the concepts of Western Civilization.

The Society looks to read the various passages in the Scriptures in context with each other, with the society in which they originated and to decide, each person for themselves how the abiding truths about God’s interaction with creation are found within its pages.

The Society is not about coming to faith, or even about how these verses have effected individual lives–though that would be a welcome by product. Instead, we will try to look at the truth the Bible imparts to us, without lobbing verses at each other like stones, or examining each passage for God’s abs0lute desires, much as priests used to examine the entrails of sacrificial beasts to determine Divine Will.

If this interests you, or you would like to know more about parts of the Bible you may not be as familiar with, or are interested in how the doctrine and dogma of the church emerged from the Scripture, please consider joining us.

The Society’s aims will be carried out through various Bible Studies, and occasional on-line forums.  Watch for announcements!

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